Saturday, June 13, 2009

World Wide Knit in Public Day

A few gals and I gathered at local cafe Aunt Daisy's here in Porirua to celebrate WWKIPD. Really just another excuse to get together and make stuff. I am here, behind the camera of course. Lots of great discussion about life drawing, babies, life in general, yarn and knitting. Especially guerilla art projects we can do - like knit-bombing public stuff and people. Missing was a few buddies including the number one knit nut Betty Ann. We talked about her too - it's a concensus that she's much loved and treasured by us all. Funny, I had that bunch of felted and crocheted stones from last year that I was returning to the beach this winter, but when I put them on the table, everyone protested. So they all disappeared to new homes and none went back to the beach. One of Sue's kid's wrote this on the wall - are we talking about my rocks that I knit or knitting that rocks?
Yes it does, you smart and funny kids.
Trisha and baby.
Charlotte and Bonnie (who btw taught husband Ash to knit).
Sue. Sue owns a basement full of wool. She's got it bad. Her Opal socks are eye candy. Those colours.
Sue's daughter, our youngest knit nut. It's cool to see kid's crafting.
And after everyone left, I meandered down to the beach for a spot of solace. Knitting little pink hats for our baby neices Ruby and Tiare.
See, I really am at the beach. My favourite place.
(Thanks to man who stopped to take photo of random woman knitting in public by herself.)
"Knots" ... get it. This beach is textile-savvy. And five knitters turned up to knit with me. (cue scary Jaws music) ... be slightly afraid. It's a sign.
Next year I'm gonna try and organise a bigger gathering. Imagine. How fun. Thanks to Siggy at Aunt Daisy's again for her love to our crafty group (and the band that played was awesome).
O, link to more info on World Wide Knit in Public Day is:
Happy knitting world.


india flint said...

sigh. it would have been fun to be in this knitting circle
perhaps that sign needs knitted legwarmers?

Pam de Groot said...

Thanks for visiting me. I love a textile get together. Time is irrelevant and all are as one.

ArtPropelled said...

This must have been such a fun occassion!

Cheryl said...

I am home with sick kids today - instead of at school with your lovely son. Imagine my delight when I discovered you'd updated your blog.. so much has been happening in my community and I've had my head down and missed all of it! Do count me in on the crocheting.. I want to fix up my blanket from Trash.. And count me in on next year's Knit in Public Day! Love to you, see you sometime soon...