Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My dream is ...

Buttons O Buttons, where art thou my beauties?

To influence the world to be a better place one little corner at a time.
To draw inspiration from around me and to be an inspiration to others too.
To serve my Creator with diligence and heart.
To be a person who communicates love, fun and enthusiasm for life.
To enjoy the quiet bits too.
To recognise the value in others and reflect it right back at them.
Let kindness, generosity and warmth be my clothing.
To enjoy my children as a fellow traveller, speaking always 'person to person' with them.
To be an adventurer.
To write book.
To be a speaker, with a platform.
To be a Christian, with heart.
To use my words wisely.
To bridge difference with love and authenticity.
To laugh lots.
To create a beautiful haven.
To be part of something wonderful and life-changing.
To have like-minded companions.
To make beautiful things.
To capture the beauty in the mundane.
To contribute to my community.
Two of my three treasures. :)

Does anyone have a job that fits this description? :)
I pray you too will live your dream. Bless. x

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