Saturday, September 19, 2009

crown lynn and other thrift store finds ...

Secondhand shops make my heart zing like no shopping mall ever will. Old things with a story have appeal in ways I cannot communicate. When I was a child, my grandmother and I would scour the thrift stores in our small town during our once a week trip to town. I was given money and allowed to buy whatever I desired. I had high heels, books and knic knacs on shelves my grandfather gave me in his workshop. The thrill of a fantastic find never fails to ... well, thrill!
An old tin box complete with worn patina and secret places. $3.
Three little compartments on top tray which lifts out.
A handful of old shell buttons fossicked from a container of old stuff. 50 cents.

Made in New Zealand.
My grandmother worked at the Crown Lynn china factory years ago. Crown Lynn was big during its time, it opened during the war to provide our country with china due to the shortage of imported goods. I grew up in a house full of Crown Lynn so when I see it, I'm filled with a nostalgia that binds me with memories of my wonderful mama. I have found quite a few pieces recently. Let me show you.

Children's nursery rhyme series, side plate and two cereal bowls, $1 each.

I think this bird cup is beautiful. Also $1.

My piece de resistance is this five piece FOUR place setting in perfect condition.
No chips, no fading. Its in mint condition and in all those Scandinavian colours
and art deco patterns that make it highly prized right now. $25!!!

Another amazing find - 35 Sheffield stainless steel bone handled knives and forks
including some fancy ones in the middle. $1 a piece. Mint condition.
A great bag, my favourite kind for free from my friend Alena.
FOUR vintage cane chairs at $5 each! That's four for $20.
I own six now. I love Trash Palace.


I was given a quick lesson in crochet recently. A crochet multicoloured blanket is called an afghan. They are my recent addictionn while thrifting. My mama used to crochet in the evenings in front of the tv. My grandad would snooze. I would make supper around 9pm during the school holidays. Boil the jug, make a pot of tea and arrange baking on a plate. We would watch The News, Close to Home, Its In The Bag, Frank Spencers 'Some Mothers Do Have 'Em', 'Are you being served?', 'Open All Hours' and Benny Hill. O, I forgot Coronation Street which was um, borrrrrrring. But it was worth it for supper and the baking.

Below are my latest collection. I do have more.
Detail of felted squares and some great handstitched joins. I am always thrilled with handwork.
But wait there's more. My friend Cleo is sooo clever. She pieced all these random handknitted wool scarves, squares and baby blankets together that she had. While visiting her last week she asked if I would like it. Would I??? Do birds fly?! I thinks its simply beautiful, so very much me and such a welcome bit of colour on my bed. It is heavy as. Rich complains he can't move and is a prisoner in bed, but I love love love it. I think it goes with my carpet. What do you think?
This is the bed from the other side. This thing is big and long. Like a scarf for my bed.
On a trip in May, I picked up this very heavily felted one from Savemart, the clothing recycling centre in a cold damp warehouse in Hamilton for $5. It's Knuckles floor blanket. Most of these are on my cold leather lounge seats this winter and they make it much more friendly.
A pile of blankets, nothing cost me more than a few dollars.
A trip to our local Savemart in Porirua last week had me snaffle up this green knitted
blanket for the princely sum of $8. Green is my favourite colour. Sigh.
Another green one with some ugly orange and brown, $8. It needs a bit of repair
but because the whole thing is completely random, I love it.
Facecloths I knitted and crochet from bamboo and cotton yarn.
More cotton crochet flannels for some new babies.
Five china vessels to turn into pin cushions for an upcoming craft market.
$1 each.

There are other things that I've found but this is a sample collection. I'll be posting the Crown Lynn set on TradeMe this week because its not really me. It is very pretty though.


ArtPropelled said...

Ooo such lovely loot! I think when the clock struck 12 here in S Africa all the junk shops doubled and trippled their prices. Out of the blue! I'm really battling to find a bargain these days.

Ahipara Girl said...

O Robyn, I hear you. Its a painful reality that all secondhand dealers are hefting up their prices due to the popularity of secondhand goods right now. Our kinda loot is popping up in all the high end homes these days. I just happen to have a few little places tucked away where I can still go and find goodies. Its like that here in New Zealand too otherwise. PS. Love your latest carvings. Your work is amazing.

Pat said...

great stuff. i love bargains, bargain hunting and best of all, getting a great item for almost nada (that's nothing). i scour yard and estate sales, go to auctions, rifle through charity shops even when on vacation!

but here in New England we are experiencing the same phenomenon as you. during the recession, these shops are more popular, and the prices are up and up and up. takes a lot of the fun out it, you know.

and then, your blue and white dish set. oh be still my heart....what a great should do very well with that......

skatey katie said...

*heart* your tin.
our local thrift stores keep putting their prices up - but last week i found two teeny retro espresso cups for the princely sum of $3 the pair.

my childhood home was 3 minutes drive from Crown Lynn.
little crown lynn pieces keep finding their way home to my place too... X

india flint said...

that wee tin box is a delight...i have its much bigger sister -sadly without compartments - but a splendid thing to store cloth in...

Maranga Mai said...

Oh my word!!

I love the crown lynn and the bird cup, I love the bone handled knives (sigh) I collect milk jugs specifically CL because they are sturdy, heavy and built to last (like me, lol) but also because they are Kiwi made and a part of our history and just BEAUTIFUL!

Envious! xx

Maranga Mai said...

ps - Googled Crown Lynn and your blog was in the line up - too awesome!