Sunday, September 27, 2009

spring ...

... means summer is coming. It's still chilly here but the flowers are signs that spring has sprung. My children have mostly stopped coughing and we can leave our heavy jackets at home. We are still wearing wool though, my favourite fibre. Slowly peeling back the layers.

Just like my home. One small step at a time time as I go through my many possessions removing the clutter until (hopefully) all that remains are those most important treasures. And as I go, I am confronted with dilemma's as many things contain a story. And I am forced to consider what is important.

Leaving behind an artistic lifestyle to pursue my passion for working with people as a counsellor. And yet I will continue to create which is as essential as breathing really. So I am busy creating small corners for myself. A pile of handknitted and crocheted blankets. A vintage suitcase filled with old embroidered linens. A steel cabinet with all manner of stitchy things. My thrifted woollen blankets await new lives as clothes and homewares. Handmade baskets full of woollen and cotton yarn. A new project underway with new love crochet.

And our daily possessions. One wardrobe at a time. One drawer at a time. One bookshelf at a time. One box to the thrift shop. One to a friend with a baby on the way. A carload to my artistic sister Cleo. One for Trash Palace. Each step I feel lighter as I create space.

Hidden treasures are revealed and bring delight once more. Blessing others with preloved things. I've found the psychology of what I own to be the most interesting aspect of this whole decluttering and simplifying exercies. Why I own things in the first place and why I want to keep them or remove them for instance.

I also have in mind new spaces I want to create. A small shelf of my most used crafting stuff in the lounge to replace the oversized bookshelf that sits there. A desk with my laptop, sewing machine, diary and bible in my bedroom. A cabinet and shelves in the garage with my crafting materials, visual art diaries and supplies. And little else. We may even be able to park a car in there one day.

My dream ... a larger home with a small conservatory-like studio space for myself. A second living room for my children and their friends. An outdoor entertaining space. A family home that can accomodate others.

It's these ideas which motivate me and help me to push past the daily pain I suffer with a injured back. And I will get there one small step at a time.

Kapiti Island at dusk.

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