Saturday, July 31, 2010

buttons, stairs and stitches ...

Recent thrifting finds on our trip north. Kaitaia Salvation Army Store. Wooden needles, 50 cents a pair. Wee vintage tiled plate, $3. Shell, wood and metal buttons, $2. Kiwiana Cape Reinga and Far North CWI (Country Womens Institute) souvenior spoons, $1 each. Shells supplied in our room.
These funny overgrown unassuming stairs are where I spent hours of my childhood sorting out my collections of shells, reading books and playing by myself. The gardens were well tended back then. Being raised by my grandparents meant there was a lack of play companions but many adventures to be had with adults, walking the beach everyday, the dunes, the rocks around Shipwreck Bay. Fossicking at the rubbish tip and in the secondhand stores in town and fleamarkets.
Finally back in Wellington after a week up north, I had the pleasure of spending a great day with my mother and my friend Betty-Ann. She knits like we breathe. Here is a wee glimpse of her latest project. A cushion cover made of bits and pieces of yarn.
My mother has never been conservative. Even at 57, she's unique and quirky. Have just said goodbye to her after four weeks together. She left me some handmade treasures which I will show soon.
Its a rainy, blustery classic Wellington winter day as I post this from my bed. I have a spine injury which hinders me from time to time for weeks on end. Painkillers, physio and rest. A little frustrating for this busy mum. So very thankful for my caring and considerate husband.


ArtPropelled said...

I know you are so busy but it is great to see you blogging again. Your mom looks wonderful!I get the feeling that she has endless energy..... and now I'm straining my eyes to see more of the cushion cover. Look after yourself dear Rachelle. You have such a gem in that husband of yours .... and I can tell you really appreciate him.

india flint said...

ha! so much for the clutter-free life, he he

get well soon, me dear

Ahipara Girl said...

Thanks Robyn, I feel like I can finally commit to here on a regular basis again. I did miss it. I think I've inadvertantly turned facebook into blogsville much to the disdain of some 'friends'. tough! its nice to be back.

Haha India, like all gatherers, one cannot pass up a bit of treasure as one travels, as u well know. however one is also known to hand things on just as quickly as they come in the door. and we can always always justify every little orphan thing that travels home with us. ahem.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Yes, Ahem. hehe.


Welcome back, and your Mom looks like such a happy spirit. Good luck with that darn cranky spine. They are not nice to deal with. Hugs.

Ahipara Girl said...

Hello Zippiknits

Lovely to have u stop by. I have always been very interested in the Quaker lifestyle and was so pleasantly surprised to see ur wee notes here on my page. looking forward to having a poke around ur blog and finding out a bit more about u.