Saturday, August 7, 2010

thoughts of summer and other things ...

I am reminded by all my American friend's that it is summer there. Here we are in the middle of a classic Wellington winter, grey skies, drizzle, cold and that means lots of days indoors. It's very easy to clock up a whole lot of plans lying here about the things I want to do once my body is back to normal. I was reminded of summers past and how much we all love the sea. It's a no-brainer, we live in a coastal settlement and the beach is my favourite place.

Glimpsing Amanda's children playing by the sea, reminded me that this summer Knuckles will be old enough to join the boys in their beach play. It's great fun and consists of digging the biggest hole right there by the waters edge and letting the sea fill it as it ebbs and recedes. It started with one son, then six years later, another one joined him making those holes by the sea, and this year, six years later, our last little son will join his brothers in this great summer tradition we have.

Of course there are other activities like making wet sand bombs and playing tag, but this is the one I love. While I look for shards of smooth sea glass and stones, the kids play and laugh and the sun warms us.

My other plans include giving my kitchen an overhaul. There was a big sale today so we picked up a new rice cooker (the old one had no lid and wobbled like mad) and a deep fryer.

After the birth of my first son, I lost my mojo in the kitchen. I haven't felt like cooking for a long time. I do so out of obligation when I do and am very thankful that Richard enjoys cooking. Lately I have felt a desire to see my sons eating more substantial meals as they grow. Less processed and more fresh foods. I'm also inspired by all my blogger friends and their efforts in their homes. My challenge has been to discover ways to entice myself back into the kitchen for my kids sakes and to make it more fun and less chore as well.

Yesterday we went to Moore Wilsons to pick up some specialty items like spices so that Rich can extend his curry making skills. We have been avidly watching the Indian cooking programmes on the food channel and are looking forward to eating more dishes like lamb Rogan Josh. I enjoy baking so am challenging myself to keep our baking tins full once again. Hungry boys need lots of carbs and fruit. I'm looking forward to trying the recipe for sourdough bread that Melissa recommends. mmm ... fresh bread rolls.

My other goal, as I lie here thinking, is to start walking for fitness once I get the all clear. Being restricted from time to time always has me thinking about how much more active I could be. The problem is I get bored. I hate walking around streets looking at houses and if I walk along a beach, I do so at a snails pace with my eyes down scouting for sea leavings. I found a solution though. Stephen Fry was on tv and talked about how he had the same problem until he discovered audio books. How could I have been so slow? I love books. So now I get to 'read' some of my favourite books and I'll eat up the miles as I do. Well, that's my plan anyhow.

I have always spurned Playcentre because the truth is I find it rather laborious. However my son went with friends last week and adored it. I really need to up my ante in this area too. We
belong to a great local music group called Bubbacino but he's getting to the stage where he needs more people and activities. So I'm gonna explore some more things for us to do together with others.

I've become a bit of a loner by choice, enjoying my quiet past times and spurning crowds and the demands of others outside my home and our little community. A big shift that was necessary for me to be able to give my family the focus it required and to separate personal life from my professional and public life. However as always, being a parent means that their needs often give me the push I need to make some changes in my life. And because I love them, its not hard.

I just hope the momentum I feel will last long enough for me to achieve some of these things because life's like that isn't it. We can plan but only God knows the future. And I'm ok with that too.

i heart summer.


india flint said...

ooh nice pix.

welly in winter = san francisco in summer
[check the weather map if you don't believe me!]


Dominique said...

Bonjour !
j'ai plaisir à venir chez "vous". Je sens que ça me met directement en contact avec des racines que j'ai profondément en moi !
merci beaucoup !

Arija said...

I hace just been trawling your blog from my bed. Haven't been around much since April. Too much time wasted in a variety of hospitals. So sorry to hear of your back problems. Backs are all about a PERCEIVED lack of support/ It is good to remember that we only ever need God's support and that we assuredly have at all times.
Lovely shots of the boys enjoying the water and Knuckles is a dream!

All the best my dear and big hugs and blessings.


Miss Smith said...

I am there with you re. the keeping fit thing. I have always had that problem of getting bored walking too, but podcasts really are a cure for it. I save my two favourite weekly podcasts for walks.

Your rewena story made me laugh. I made a similarly rock-hard sour dough loaf a few years ago, so I threw it to the ducks, but even they wouldn't eat it. The kids were appalled because they thought I was trying to hurt the ducks by throwing bread at them. Oh dear.

Lynda Howells said...

agree with India your images are gorgeous. I agree with so much of what you have written. I too find these days l am going at a snail's pace where ever l am either because of finding things for my photography projects or stuff on the floor for dyeing! Hax. But l do pacify my husband and go for a walk once a week with nop camera!!!!
Enjoy your audio booksxx lynda

Lynda Howells said...

oh ps./..forgot to say l too had a back problem and have had lots of treatment and operations. The only advice l would give you is keep up a gentle exercise problem..walking and if possible Pilates as well.xx