Sunday, January 9, 2011

Goals 2011

* Definitely more kissing with this gorgeous man of mine.

* More writing.
Create memory books for our family

* Self Care to the max
Get a dvd and exercise daily at home with Knuckles
Keep new hair do maintained. (That is my new do I am sporting above).
More black nail polish

* Art
Pataka Exhibition piece
Hands and arms tattooed
Develop hiapo type designs

* Faith
Read my bible daily (So excited about this one).
Pray about my situations as they arise.
Continue to love the people around me.
Trust God

* Family
Bless my sons
Bless my husband
Trust God

* Home
Continue to declutter.
Move to a bigger home.
Create a loving warm atmosphere for the people who live here and the people who visit.

I know there's more but I gotta think on these things. These are not resolutions. These are goals I will work towards.
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Dominique said...

Merci de ce partage de vos objectifs.
Vous êtes très beaux tous les 2..
du bonheur pour votre famille, pour vous .... beaux cheveux !!

Storycloth said...

A great set of goals. I hope you are really enjoying these January days of begining them. Gilly

ArtPropelled said...

Hey Rachelle. It certainly took me a while to get here but now that I'm here I'm inspired to write out my own list..... and it's almost March. The Pataka Exhibition piece has my attention! BTW... beautiful photograph.