Saturday, April 30, 2011


A trip to Napier with a bunch of kids over the wet school holidays and a husband working long hours meant that given a couple of hours to myself I hit the local opportunity shops hard. I love thrifting. Its my favourite thing in the world.
Detail of linen shirt with shell buttons, $4.

A pile of linen and cotton shirts $2-$4 max.

My Haul

The big pile of old linens were such an exciting find. Getting four pieces for 20 cents - 50 cents.

I'm not a great cook but enjoy local books because they use the ingredients in my cupboard.

Kerikeri Casserole anyone?

I love baking and the classics.

The original owners handwritten chocolate cake recipe.

Flowers I picked with my two year old on a walk about the place. Hibiscus and lavender. Where I live is too cold for hibiscus so I'm always happy to see them. My grandmothers favourite flower.

I have a collection of body parts that have found their way into my possession over the years.

This was in the free pile. My baby has had fun high fiving everyone with it.

Old school glass cream bottles, $1 each.

Brand new handknit hat, $2.

Inscription on handmade sewing box created from Xmas cards. $2.
"From Ruth 1985"

Interior of little handmade box.

Exterior of handmade box.

Handknit for my two year old with embroidery, $1.50! Score.

A few finds. This makes me happy.

Added to my ever growing collection of vintage handmade linens.

I love piles of doileys. Shhhh .... its a secret.
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india flint said...

so much more fun than decluttering!