Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a little sewing box ...

A gift from my husband to me last year was this wee sewing box from Asia Gallery. Its got so much charm and what's more, it was filled with treasures. When I got home, instead of cleaning it out and putting my own sewing items in it, I sorted through the ephemera inside. Come have a look at what lies within those little drawers and even a hidden compartment. I'll post more treasures soon.

Polished to a high gleam with Asia Gallery's owner, Paul's homemade wood polish. The smell was amazing. There are many more sewing boxes and large chests of drawers as well in different bespoke styles starting around $100 upwards.

Knuckles toy matchbox car to give you an idea about scale.

The wood grain is awesome too.

Little brass handbeaten handle.

A replacement handle. I love all these handmade touches.

Even the hinges are attractive with their teeny tiny nails and organic shapes.

Inside were ... these two pencils, a tape measure and two metal rings, one looks silver and one looks handforged.

Yes, all these buttons came with it.

Close-up of buttons found in the sewing box.

A few wooden medallions and a teeny tiny silver tin.

My favourite buttons are mother of pearl shell buttons. There were so many in this case.

So they get special treatment and a drawer all to themselves.

Small drawers and compartments are utterly beguiling. I'm a sucker for such things. Simple things.

A few photos and receipts. These two lads look rather serious. One reminds me of my friend Stefan from Melbourne.

This one shows a group of people gathered drinking tea. Perhaps a family picnic or community gathering.

And these people all look like they've just finished work.

Just one of many receipts

A wee drawer of fabric remnants and threads, etc. I had a lot of fun discovering these bits and pieces

A packet of double pointed knitting needles (bamboo), some threads and a small pack (green) or old stitching needles.

Detail of sewing ephemera.

There are many different kinds of boxes in Asia Gallery here in New Zealand that range from about $120 onwards.

More treasures and sightseeing soon. I hope you're enjoying visiting these places with me.


india flint said...

i remember when you showed me this lovely treasure...tis beautiful
there's a story in those photographs

zippiknits...sometimes said...

What a beautiful little treasure this sewing box is. I love to think of all the women all over the world who are sitting down to their knitting, hand sewing or spinning when I also am. Thank you for sharing your beautiful little box.

Rosa Maria said...

It's a treasure indeed! I loved it! Thanks for the tips about Trash Palace, Rachelle (we met at Melissa's class last Saturday), I'm definately checking it out soon! Have a great week! XXX