Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wellington on a Sunday morning

I love my city. I love the geography. The hills, the multiple harbours, the coast, the skies. We travel to church early most Sunday's for the music team sound check. The kids and I go to the market and playground nearby. It's hard getting up on a Sunday sometimes and getting everyone ready for an early start. Especially when you know everyone else in the city is sleeping in. Still, it's worth it. There's something about being in the city when its empty, deserted. It feels fresh in the crisp morning air and the lack of noise creates a vacuum that only makes the kids voices and laughter ring out clearer. I really have come to love these times.
It's a good time for reflection.

It always pays to look up.

To look out (here, towards Te Papa).

To look down.

And because its Sunday, its also a good time to look within.

To reflect on God, His creation and His purposes for our lives.

My three sons. Really.

Complying with their mama for a moment.

This is my life. Here. These three men to be.

This is my calling.

This is Wellington on a Sunday morning with my family.
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sandy said...

I love your post. Just you being you. How excellent is Wellington! It's been too long since we visited there and I really want to go back. Last time we went it was summer and as we walked the streets looking at the quaint wooden cottages on steep hills there were fruit trees so laden that the boughs looked like they would give way. I had never seen anything like it. I can't imagine the garden of Eden being more tempting. Enjoy that very special place.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

handsome boys, like their mama.

india flint said...

a good place to be x

zippiknits...sometimes said...

I feel that my children are the reason I was born. I used to think it was for Art. But that was before they came into my life. My Art is still in my life but it's taken a deeper meaning than it every would have without them.

Claire said...

A lovely post. Glad I found your blog.