Thursday, November 17, 2011

girly things

First thing. My husband's sister (who I have claimed as MY sister too) came to stay this past weekend. She's an artist, a rural primary teacher, the godmother to our sons, and now a Zumba trainer. She's lots of fun. I got them outside on the windiest coldest day for an impromptu photo shoot.
She's inspired me healthwise because she's lost a whomping lot of weight and is looking (and feeling) amazing. I've determined that next year, when our youngest starts kindy (cannot quite believe it!!!), to commit myself to my health. Still on meds 24/7, four times a day for pain, and unable to cope without them, Naomi has given me the inspiration I needed. She did it, really did it for herself, for her quality of life. She's like that. Very gentle and kind, strong and inspiring in a quiet way and lots of fun. She's also similar in nature to my husband, completely inoffensive (that's a rare trait I reckon and worth mentioning) and easygoing. Just goes with the flow. A godly woman in character and life.
Naomi painting Hiapo

She gifted me a painting that I blogged about HERE a couple of years ago. We share a love for Hiapo and art, and making things. She stuck the first glue gun in my hands with a blackboard frame and shells I'd collected when I had my first baby. I was so depressed and overwhelmed with being a mama but she turned me onto crafting big time as an adult and didn't judge me. I'm blessed to have her in my life. Between us, my husband and I have seven brothers and only one sister, so she's precious around here. It was so good to hang out, eat banoffee pie and lemonade scones, and thrift together. My lads adore her. She totally gets 'sons' having two sons herself and being the eldest with four brothers. I'm looking forward to her next visit.
Second thing.
You may or may not know but I live in a male-saturated home as well (three sons and husband) and every now and then, I need to turn left and do something colourful and girly. Recently I posted about how inspired I was by Jane Brocket''s awesome book, The Gentle Art of Knitting. I totally recommend it if you can do the knitting basics and want some vintage inspired projects.
Each of these hangers took me the better half of the day with concentrated knitting (because I'm not fast or flash). I enjoyed following the pattern for the 'bloomer hanger' and choosing colours for the stripey ones. I added my own twist on them with crochet flower blooms that I formed freestyle. I only know about three kinds of crochet stitch but its interesting that if you mix up the colours and add a few extra stitches in a row, it can completely change the shape and form of a thing. Obviously technical speak is not my strength.
Anyway, here's the results of my little foray. I also figured that my time (and my bothersome arms) were too precious to spend-a-day-per-hanger, knitting. So I used an old bit of felted wool from an old jersey, chopped it up, stitched it on, and then added a bloom. Still took me the better part of three hours, but I'm sure I'll streamline the process eventually. Its still 100 percent handmade, the majority is recycled (hangers, yarn) and its something I'm happy to own and use in my own wardrobe although at this rate, I either streamline my wardrobe to ten items or I speed up production.
I did try and sell them at Craft 2.0, surprisingly (or not) there was no stampede for them. I think everyone will want a potholders for their kitchen and a fancy hanger or two to hang a precious vintage dress from eventually. They add a bit of happiness to any room they are in. Who wouldn't want one?! Which reminds me, I must get my online shop up and running.

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

I have a few of these - all made be someone else and very plain but they are so handy and loved! Yours are gorgeous, so thanks for the links to the book.

The tribute to your hubby's sister is very beautifully written for a very special lady. Truly a "sister of the heart". :)

Stacey said...

Hello there. I just wanted to say I love your blog. You are an amazing artist.

These hangers are a little piece of heaven and you should definitely sell them online. Settling up a felt store is easy and fun!

Much love, Stacey

Anonymous said...

I quite often find that when I take a new product to Craft 2.0 nobody buys it - then the next time everyone wants it. It's like they need to sniff around things for a bit first and become used to the idea... they're great hangers!