Friday, November 11, 2011

small moments

There's been lots happening lately. I had a fun time at Craft 2.0 a couple of weeks ago. Its a great handmade market in Wellington and I made lots of new contacts in this friendly community. Thanks to Sue and the amazing group of volunteers who make it possible.

I loved making my small collection of crocheted and recycled potholders. I've had two weeks off resting my arms due to the familiar nag of pain in my shoulder, neck and forearms. RSI is no fun for a maker who depends on her arms and hands for making.
I have a few projects underway. The need to be creative is strong. OCD at a non-disruptive level I think. I've been painting furniture and working on a couple of conceptual pieces. Its times like now that I wish I was with some of my artist friends for feedback and development of my work. However I keep working in the moments of time that I can squeeze in around being a mum, to keep making. Pinterest has also been a great help. I'm on it daily, developing my eye and fine tuning what it really is that draws me in to things. I can't believe that in the past few days 60 people have started following my boards.

I make because I'm passionate about it. I have a busy busy mind and making things is a positive way to channel all that energy that whirls around in there. I'm completely truthful when I say its my prozac, it grounds me and brings me joy.

Plans are underway to open an online shop through and I'm playing with tribal designs and trying to take them from 2D to 3D. I'm drawing and writing a lot more too. And have a textile body of work to develop as well. And of course I have a garage full of vintage retro things I have collected over the past few months to sell off as well in a vintage style market.

I'm not sure where all this is heading but I might as well do something constructive with the time I have on my minds. It makes me happy to make, to create something that wasn't there before.
My youngest son has also started conversing and I enjoy his company immensely. Everything is a source of wonder and humour at the moment. I'm enjoying this last child of mine. He's so much fun. And as much as I'd love to immerse myself more fully into my work, I'm happy to chill with him just as much.

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