Friday, February 3, 2012

thrifty finds

I'm looking forward to seeing some of you at the Tribal Banner workshop I'm running on Monday. There might even be a space or two left if you're interested in coming. Its free. Did I mention its free? I love a good bargain and a chance to use up some of that stash I know you've got lying around like all good thrifters and makers do.

Its no secret I love vintage things dearly. Here are some of my thrifty finds from this week.

A beautiful queen size crochet blanket. Mary Potters Hospice, Petone

 Baker type distressed shelves. Salvation Army, Lower Hutt.

 Vintage buttons. Salvation Army, Petone.

Kiwiana. Rimu wood xmas decorations. 

 Vintage birdcage, Trash Palace. I love that its circular and blue.

Goldline Kelston Potteries, NZ. 60+ pieces. Trash Palace

 Vintage barkcloth curtains. Blue/Green large roses. Trash Palace.

 Have a lovely weekend.

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Unknown said...

Hi Rachelle, thanks so much for visiting my blog. Great to find yours - and I am in awe of your amazing op shop finds. I've never been to Trash Palace - and fear it would do serious damage to my pocket money - but am now very tempted to make the pilgrimage. Hope your workshop went well, Lucy