Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Titahi Bay beach, a few minutes walk from our place
I was crocheting my hat yesterday and gazing out the window from my room to the ocean and sky beyond when two things occurred to me. The first that I chose blue yarn and that's an odd colour for me. For over twenty years, black has dominated my wardrobe. The only exception being the odd vintage dress or cardigan. I never wear blue. The second thought that quickly followed is that its highly likely that my environment influences me more than I maybe I realise.

I recently purchased this vintage-y blue yarn from Holland Road Yarn Company in Petone. I'm often drawn to this particular blue when I'm op shopping too.

I even dreamed I painted my lounge blue, but I'm sure that was majorly influenced by Paula at Lovely Sweet William and even more so by this particular post.

So I went around the house quickly and gathered up a few blue things I owned for a mini blue photoshoot to indulge this cool coloured whim I'm currently having. I've fallen for this colour in a major way. Have a look see.

our vintage bed linen

My friend Nina's blog Ornamental has lots of lovely blue in it.

This doesn't really do it justice. The view from my desk. 

A blue collection

Cascade 220 Heathers (Col 9452). The pattern, well there isn't one because I just make it up as I go. 

I was dreaming this colour in my sleep thanks to this yarn from Tash's shop.

A drawer from my Japanese sewing box. A string of old glass Japanese beads and\some vintage buttons from Asia Gallery in Kilbirnie.


Colour is big this season. Big pops of it. I love my collection of kitsch religious prints. 

A koha from my dear friend Lynley. Blue blood. 

My sewing box

Thrifted blue mug collection. 

Crown Lynn Jug. My friend Betty-Ann gave me hers a while back and that same week I found an identical one in an op shop so I gave her that one back to her. Now we both own one that was gifted from the other. 

I found the rabbit salt shaker at Trash Palace and the little blue dogs were found in the yard
at my friend Cleo's house in Wanganui so she sent them to me with some yarn. 

I love these old biscuit tins. You used to get them at Christmas with a selection of biscuits in them.
My mama used to fill hers with baking. Now they are so desirable and collectible. I love the floral ones. 

More green than blue. Hiapo.

In his mama's buttons.

Looking for treasure

Hei tiki
Nothing but nothing compares to spending time with my kids and family. I'm a total sucker for this guy and his brothers. Everything comes to a standstill for them.
Inside my sewing box. A small project from recycled kimono. 

Its ANZAC day here in New Zealand where we remember our fallen veterans and those who fought for our country in WWI & II. My grandfather included. I'm off to spend the day with my friends in the country with the kids. Its for these freedoms our grandfathers and uncles fought. May we never forget the cost of war, the price they paid of being separated from their families and the privileges we now enjoy. And may we spare a thought for those who still live in war torn countries. My thoughts go out to friends who are missionaries overseas, who live to ease the suffering of those in abject circumstances and who fight the great fight of evil in an unjust world. And our military who are involved in peacekeeping efforts overseas.


melissa said...

lovely blue post! i have that same little jug. my favourite. and i love your cup collection. nice to see little r again! but i think my favourite blue is your hiapo.

Ahipara Girl said...

Thanks Melissa. I love my hiapo too. I need more ink me thinks. x

Magda said...

Hi:) Oh, what a nice surprise happened to me:D I love your work as much as Nina's :D Your blogs are only ones I follow lately :D
Greetings :* :D