Wednesday, April 4, 2012

going walking

I went walking with my dad recently. These summer days have come to an end sadly and we have well and truly entered autumn and fast tracking towards our winter. 

So while the kids were in school and kindy, I had more time to catch up with people. When the kids were small, I always found it a bit stressful going out with them but now they are older, there's a bit more time for me things. It is very nice although I am aware they are growing up slightly too fast now. Still it is nice to spend this time with my father.  

wild gardens
 his daily route
 big sky, big sea
 our time
 an old building spills from the bank,
 the kids and i are definitely going back to investigate and treasure hunt
 WWII bunker
 rusted rock
 new narratives
 smiling for me
as we head into the light

1 comment:

india flint said...

i see you two have matching smiles!!