Sunday, June 10, 2012


The colour green is often associated with healing, endurance and growth; stability and strength. 

I love this little green and gold tray. Its made in Italy and is papier mache apparently. My friend uses it to store her spices on and found it at a garage sale or something. I have lots of lovely things but it doesn't stop me wanting more lovely things like this little tray. 

I like going to her house to stitch and sit in her tidy child-free space and talk about all sorts of interesting things. She's a policy analyst and has an intelligent mind.I enjoy these visits a lot. She is also a fervent knitter and so together we enjoy our handmade past times and weave tales about this and that.

Overall, it was still a very good week. I got several thank you cards in the mail, including a wee package from dear friend Melissa, who also sent me this lovely embroidered needlebook. I had admired just this one last week at Te Papa. It now lives in my sewing tin and I get lots of comments. Mostly, what is a needle book for? Check out her shop, she has a few good things listed there. All the best too Melissa on your new journey. x

I've had a quiet week, taking care of the basics, stitching and feeling a bit muddled. I am really good when I have things to be about, but after an eventful few weeks, I think I crashed a little. Not overthinking it though, I just quietened my life down and only did the essentials. Self-care after all these years is still really important. Knowing when to push forward and when to fall back and gather my senses again. 

Thank God I no longer battle with depression but mood swings can still catch me out. My family are undemanding and my husband supportive at whatever place I find myself at. Its rare to find people who can admit they are weak sometimes, frail, vulnerable. Society applauds our successes but frowns on mistakes, flaws and yes, I'll say it again, weakness. 

I have no choice, when I'm low, that's what it is. I enjoy the freedom to be real and truthful about it. Amazing how much more relate-able we are when we drop our defenses and pretenses. It allows others to be themselves too. And when life is good, it is very good for me. Has anyone else noticed that creative people soar and drop like seagulls? Some of my favourite heroes in the bible did the same. David, Elijah and yes, Jesus wept, raged and often had to leave the crowds to get some peace and quiet, pray and gather his thoughts.

I was invited to create a meaningful design for a special lad's first birthday. My friend Amanda is a chef, she bakes wonderful artistic cakes and it was a real privilege to design something for her and little Mika, who I've yet to meet. It was his first birthday, and his first year as a premature baby has seen him overcome some major obstacles in life. 

My little Polynesian turtle design with lotus flower

The incredible cake that Amanda created. 
Did you Know...

The Leatherback Turtle 

The leatherback turtle is the largest turtle in the world and lives mostly in the Pacific Ocean. Though small at birth, it grows up to 7 feet long/wide and weighs on average 900 kgs. Its the fourth largest reptilian in the world, there are three crocodilian  before it.  They must overcome huge obstacles, predators and conditions when they are young and it takes a long time for them to reach maturity. Once they have reached maturity, there are few predators that can overcome them. Their bodies, unlike other turtles, are able to self-modify to the temperature changes in the different areas of the world. This allows them to travel great distances. And travel they do. They also dive the deepest distances, 1280ft and for up to 85 minutes. They love to eat jellyfish and cephlapods. The females will always return to their place of birth but the males will spend their lives at sea.

The turtle, starts small and has to overcome many difficulties. It is a humble creature having none of the defences of others of its scale like sharks and crocodiles. Instead it lives its life travelling throughout the many oceans of the world having the capacity to adapt itself to the extreme temperatures. It is listed as an endangered animal. The turtle is a symbol throughout the world for long life (longevity), support, wisdom and peace. 

The Lotus Flower

The lotus grows in difficult circumstances, deep in the ground, buried in mud and away from the sun, but eventually the lotus reaches the light and becomes the worlds most beautiful bloom. It remains untouched from the mud where it originated and is a symbol of purity. Likewise man is also challenged to overcome that which surrounds him to become light and beauty in the world. To bring forth in himself that which is good, true and right. To be a light for those around him. A source of beauty, inspiration and hope. The lotus flower reminds us of the miracle of life, that good things can come from struggle and that man is not just the sum of where he comes from but also what he carries for the future. A lotus is more than a plant in the mud, with time and light and struggle, it reveals itself to the world in all its wonder, and those who see it are awed and reminded of the beauty that is within them too. 


Gold (yellow) ... precious, valuable, important, 
Green for healing, endurance and growth; stability and strength. 

The head is made up of two koru's (spirals) representing Mika's two mothers with crowns.
The front flippers are sunshine for love, which is what leads the way. The back flippers are growth for strength and vitality like strong fronds on the coconut tree and ponga tree.

God bless you Mika and your family. I pray that like the turtle you will grow stronger and become a man who impacts the world, like the turtle, with your gentle presence. Like the Lotus, may your current struggles and difficulties be the story behind you, may these challenges strengthen you, and may your life be a light and hope to all those who will know you throughout your life.


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Grace said...

I've just come across your blog and your creative style. I started off with the Homemade site and went from there. Your workshop sounded so interesting; with the brooches and the narrative idea. I would love to know more.