Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A restful day yesterday after a hectic couple of weeks. Rich and I were child free and decided to go on a date. We headed to Trash Palace, our local recycling centre here in Porirua. I had exactly $20 and challenged myself to find some goodies. Here's what I found plus a few industrial storage containers I found a couple of weeks ago. Check it out. x

I found this skirt yesterday and the bag a couple of weeks ago. The bag cost me $3. I was so happy because I've been after a big bag for a while. Its a bit trendy for me but I like that its red and recycled. I usually like more earthy styles.
Chuffed with my new skirt found in the clothing bins. Its worth digging around in them, just kick the darn thing first so you don't get a fright if there's a rat in there! I saw one once, it was huge one, obviously one of the dump rats. Gah.

This beautiful handknit colourful doiley .

I remember these little dolls. I have a small collection of them now. Well three, I already had one. 

Old skool strainers, two for tea leaves and one larger one for sifting icing sugar over a cake.

Another chrome toaster holder.

Super large milk bottle carrier with a rusted label. 

A blackboard and the milk bottle holder. 

Best find of the day! My new blue green Smith-Corona Typewriter. I had others but I kept giving them away. This one is mine to keep. Love that colour. x
Love that sea green with those pops of red. 

Playing around with my new stuff.

I found these two sets of shelves with little drawers a fortnight ago. I got these and the large cashbox below for $5 total. I have never wanted a bigger home with a studio ever as much as I have in the last couple of years. x

The cashbox is huge. x
I like seeing what other people find when they are op shopping. What have you found lately? x


Flower said...

Typewriter & cash box!!!!! I'm green! xx

ArtPropelled said...

Amazing what you find! You have a good eye Rachelle. I wouldn't mind that typewriter!

india flint said...

what a brilliant haul...it was such fun rummaging there with you years ago [my youngest still treasures the purple bowling bag that i found on the give-away pile]

briansanunusualnameforagirl said...

One year I was asked what I wanted to do for my birthday - trash palace was the answer. I hit the motherload last year with 6 x roman blinds, huge lined curtains for the house. It is lovely to see how your art is evolving - good work