Friday, July 6, 2012

Precious things

I have news. We are moving. Its been a very big week to say the least. We've been a part of this community and lived in this home for the better part of eight years. I have for the longest time dreamed of a larger home, with room for the boys and their friends, a craft space for me and bigger living areas for entertaining purposes. 

We have a lot of stuff. Its all my fault. My boys own things like guitars, computers, playstations and scooters. I, on the other hand, am a collector. A gatherer of things vintage. My favourite thing is looking for treasures. So as I scanned my home and inwardly groaned at the idea of emptying the house, plus a very full large garage of all that vintage stuff, plus all my art and craft supplies gleaned over the past SIXTEEN years, to say I was overwhelmed is an understatement. 

However, once we decided where we were going, it became simpler. Sort of. So I have decided to let go of lots of things but keep the absolute treasures I cannot live without. The glass statue my mother gave me, my sister-in-laws hiapo painting, Dagmar's print, my art deco teapot, my favourite coffee pot, some of my silver spoons, my retro coffee mugs and the Italian cut glass mirror also from my mum. My art books and some of my sewing supplies. The antique Japanese sewing box my husband gave me one year for my birthday. A couple of my stitch works and my crochet granny blankets. A hatbox and the glass sugar bowl that winds up and plays music also from my mum. A special quilt my mum gave my son for his first birthday. My Agee jars and a crate of milk bottles. The cushion cover and bunting that my friend Betty-Ann gave me. Some of my vintage prints. My blue typewriter. My camera. My knitting needles and yarn. 

We are off on a new adventure. The destination is a secret a while longer as we hold it in prayer but its going to be awesome and we are more than ready. I am prayerful that this will bless our family. Our time in this place is up and we are grateful for the many memories we have had here. For the lessons learned, the consolidation of our marriage, our unity, our learning as a family. For the friends we have made and community that rose up around us and loved us. 

Titahi Bay has been an awesome place to live. I highly recommend it. The people are warm and friendly. Its a great place to raise kids (though I would suggest to look further afield for high school options). It feels like being on holiday with the ocean mere minutes away, golden sand, swimming in summer and great photos to be had at any time. 

The photos below are symbolic of the kind of haul I would often return with from my thrifting adventures. I am looking forward to new adventures, to new 'old' things and my little artistic self is having a little jump for joy as I anticipate setting up a new home and viewing our new location through the lens of my camera and this blog. 

The silver teapots were $5-$10 each and my silver cutlery was bulk priced about $3.


india flint said...

happy trails and good luck me dears xo

Miss Smith said...

Good luck for your shift, that is exciting to be moving somewhere new. I felt a similar sense of dread at moving out of our place recently but the sort out and the throw out/pass on were extremely cathartic. I felt released from old commitments and excited about the things I held onto. I hope your shift is everything you wish for, best wishes to you.

Istanbuljoy said...

I wish a great sense of calm for the whole experience, safety of transport from one place to the next, NO loss or breakages, & a warm welcome by a new & loving community when you get there! Packing up is long & tedious, but also a blessed time of reflection & reconnection...embrace & enjoy without (too much) stress!