Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Its Autumn, its cooler thank God and we're crafting of course. I've run a couple of workshops, taught myself how to make rag rugs, attended a craft group and slowly am building a circle of artistic and creative friends here in Australia.

I've also started a small craft group and craft ups on the Gold Coast and have been approached by the local community centre to run a group. I've yet to figure out the logistics for this including how to make it pay for itself and whether I want to run a community group or create paid work for myself. In the meantime, I continue to love making for the sake of making itself.

Today I started to make dreamcatchers using things I already had. Our youngest son claimed the first one for himself. It was the opportunity to remind him to pray and ask God for good sleep. There is no power in feathers and mummy's makes. I love children's prayers. Their faith is so uncomplicated. Unlike this first attempt at a dreamcatcher which surprisingly took me hours to figure out. I'm happy with it and more importantly, my boy reckons its awesome. x

(Photos via Instagram. Trialling Andriod blogger app.)


roz said...

oh my goodness , it is awesome!

Arija said...

How lovely! Sometimes some little things just take a while to figure out but if you stick by it, you figure it out eventually and things always work out for the best.
i am glad you are settling in so well and with your cheerful disposition, livening up the community.
Hugs . . . Arija

Ahipara Girl said...

Hello dear girl. Thank you for your words and lovely taonga. Lovely meeting you in real time. X

Ahipara Girl said...

It was worth it. He said his prayers that night and the next morning had a happy report of no bad dreams. And I receive your hug. Funny story. Today an older lady was trying to balance a tray of eggs, a wobbly shopping trolley and her walking stick. I ignored her protests and pushed her trolley to her car and helped her unload. She was quite taken aback. I am finding Australians for the most part very reserved and closed. Reluctant to ask for or receive help. Sometimes we just need a hug. X