Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Another year almost done. I'm reflecting on the year gone and the fresh one ahead. On my mind are the areas I want to build on personally. I don't go in for huge changes but rather daily tweak the things that are important to me as we roll through the different seasons of life. Keeping our home lovely and functional, managing our family and working on my cooking skills. With three sons and a hard working husband, it's  all about the food around here.

Without a doubt, my number one priority  is still and always has been my family. It's my biggest life project. Our home and the people who dwell within these walls are centre stage in my life. Ministry of Home was born out of this several years ago after I had spent time seeking God's purpose for my life through prayer. It's not just a clever little hash tag,  it's my calling.

I also have personal goals for next year which includes WRITE MORE and BE HAPPY. Today I'm testing the blogger app to see how it fairs.

It's been a big year. I'm thankful that the whole family crossed the finishing line again together. I'm more passionate about home and family than ever especially a short stint in paid employment.

For now though, I'm focused on resting and enjoying  time with our kids and my husband over the Christmas  period with our family and community. It's a bit of an effort to not start new projects or start overthinking next  year.

I've been  doing a bit of crafting  because that puts my head in a happy space. Inspired by my friend Melissa, I'm stitching a few things for our Christmas tree. Check out her blog Tiny Happy Hand Stitched Ornaments to be inspired too.

A mum's work is never done but this mum is determined to have fun with my kids and romance my man because we've worked so darn hard all year long. Now it's time to let loose, chill, eat, sleep, read, play games and get the house ready for next year's requirements.
Merry Christmas from our family to yours. xo



Arija said...

i like sour attitude to life. There would be Peace on Earth if all people did that.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

You're back! Wonderful!