Thursday, July 7, 2016

Vessels ...

An old bottle, a bit of yarn, jute  string and a quiet afternoon. Made a loop so it can hang too. A new 'old' vase or an interesting  water bottle for the dinner table.

I enjoy living  mindfully. Wanting new things for my home but having to look around and use what I have. We are downsizing and aiming to spend less and reduce debt. I do enjoy raiding the reserve across the road for gum leaves and branches. They smell good and look better as they start to deteriorate. And they are free and plentiful. 

I enjoy the challenging of rejigging my things and my space. I'm  a lot housebound these days but my mind and hands aren't.  Have been finding the slower pace a lot more manageable and really enjoyable. xo

#ahiparagirl  #ministryofhome #wabisabi
#yarn #crochet #stitch #knit #handmade
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