Sunday, February 17, 2008

Girls, girls, girls ...

A theme is emerging. My friend Rachel came over tonight with her mum Wini (introduced earlier this month. See post ,"sweet little girls"). (And no, I don't want a daughter. I love my sons just in case you are wondering. But I am enjoying all the beautiful girls in my life too.)

Here is sweet Rachel when she arrived. She looks gorgeous in her church clothes.
This is Rachel about an hour later in my bedroom. She was having a blast.
I remember looking through my grandmothers jewellery box and wardrobe with awe. And her amazing high heels in a special cupboard in the hallway. My mother on the other hand also indulged me, allowing me my own money at fleamarkets and bringing home gifts for me like necklaces, rings (on all my fingers) and silver bracelets. Remember the Madonna-phase with 10 million bracelets, lace gloves, crucifix necklaces, teased hair, bandana, those puffy skirts and lycra leggings underneath! Boy did I love being a teen in the 80's. Then I suddenly went tomboy. All black clothes, shapeless, ... dark, dark, dark. I liked weird music that was emotive, unusual things intrigued me and I refused to dress like a girl. I have never been a 'pink' girl, sorry mum. Mind you, given my childhood, it's not really surprising is it? Style is such a personal thing. And now that I'm older and my shape has changed, it isn't as easy as it used to be to look as good. But seeing Rachel tonight and all the other wonderful young women and girls in my life, it's easy to celebrate being a girl. I wish that I had had a better mentality about my self and my real value when I was Rachel's age. However I am determind to do whatever I can, to make sure that those girls in my circle of influence, are encouraged and empowered to understand their real worth. I can only imagine the difference it would have made for me. As older women, I think it is part of our role, to support and inspire. Hmmmm ... who can you encourage today?


Wini and Cary Baxter said...

what an adventure your wonderful in every way and we see you!!! and love winipgqbgu

Ahipara Girl said...

thank you winipgqbgu!