Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm throwing a Pink Party ...

With my friend Madison. Yay, and all my 'girl' friends will be there. We will have pink nail polish, pink lip gloss, pink food and drink, pink games and High School Musical soundtrack playing in the background. We will create a make-and-take project, play 'pink' games and wear lots of pink. (I don't have anything pink yet). Basically indulge all that girlishness stuff together.
Actually all the guests will be under 8 years old I think. And no, no special occasion except to celebrate being a 'girl'.
My co-party planner is seven years old and she has me on my toes already with her lists and creative juices working overtime. She has pages of plans already. A natural manager which I need, managing that is.
Did you know lemonade + red jelly beans = pink fizz? Candy floss, marshmallows, jelly tip ice cream and fairy bread are all possibilities ... Maybe I can be a fairy godmother on the day! Oh my, I am excited. The smell of nail polish, hair spray and lip gloss as we do ourselves up to go to McDonalds for sundaes. The possibility of a mini-tea party for their dolls. The option to bring treasures they no longer need for charity's that work with girls who may have a need. Funny, she had rules. Nobody is allowed to be bossy. Everybody must be friendly. No mums allowed. I think us girls are genetically programmed to organise, nurture and take care of the details. So anyway, this just might fix my overdosed testosterone-filled life which comes by way of living with three men. Of course, it might also fuel my need to do more girly things, which is just fine by me. Lots of little girls in the world to help me bless other little girls. I can't wait!

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Sara lechner said...

I love your blog. I got lost into it and now I must go back to work!! :-)
The way you mix art, landscape, family, etc. is so appealing and special. I will come back!