Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Storms are brewing ...

Actually they have arrived. It is truly winter weather with stormy winds, rough seas (the waves are literally blowing offshore) and a good excuse to rug up, stay indoors and get crafty. I am loving this time to myself. I have put aside my studies as they were getting a little stressful, and have TWENTY weeks to myself to create, stitch, snooze, snack, and rub my expanding belly.

Try taking a photo of yourself trying to look natural. Impossible. But here I am with my woolly green beret, favourite jade necklace (thanks Mum) and my leather cuff I made last month. A dab of lipstick because I had coffee this morning at Aunty Daisy's with good friend Wini.

Of course, I feel goofy posting photos of myself but I know my family in Oz ponders my wellbeing, so this is for them mostly.

The view from our dining room. That is not a bird, it is grass that's blown onto the window.

The tree out the kitchen window is swaying madly. I loved rainy days when I was a kid. I lived with my grandparents who had a tin roof, the rain literally beat down and we would spend time indoors playing cards, reading books and making stuff. I am adamant that the tv not rule our house and lately have had lots of tv-free days with the kids during the school holidays. My eldest son loves reading and we growl him because now he won't put his books down. My youngest can't sit still but loves playing games and because he is learning to read, puts his new skills to the test reading instructions and copying words down in his writing books.

My gumboots wait by the door for me to go pick up Marcus from school or brave the beach. I bought Marcus new school shoes for $20 from the Warehouse and got these for free! Don't you love that - I do!

My new red boots. I finally put my last black pair to rest after three years full time service. These are my new snazzy ones gifted by my mum last month. (I know, I know. Everyone wants a mum like mine.) Honestly, my old shoes were down to their last wear, and boots are a prerequisite to living in a wet, windy city. Add to that my pregnancy and the overwhelming desire to look and feel good, and these boots are justified. Better be, they weren't cheap.
And then there are these ... my new heels. I LOVE THEM because I can run in them (if I wanted to that is, which I don't). So comfy and styling. Made by none other than Doc Marten Shoe Co, I went in to find boots but they were too stiff and not comfy at all. These however were begging to be brought home. I always wanted Doc's, my only other pair were second-hand gifted and owning a brand new pair has always been a dream. I have only waited 17 years!!! These are my 'going out' shoes, although I have been known to trot around the house in them when no-one is looking. Check out the details on the heels - aren't they divine??? I can hear you style-queens drooling ...

I am twenty weeks pregnant and went for my scan last week. Husband took the day off and was more excited than I was. He had a tear in his eye when he saw the baby on the monitor. He is a big heart on legs for sure. Of course our five year old was there too which kinda squashed what could have been a few poignant moments. We almost missed the radiologist telling us the gender of our new baby because Marcus was talking so much and getting his hands all over my stomach to touch the gel they use, and trying to shake my belly so the baby would move. He wanted to know if it is the same as his hair gel! Phew ...
So imagine our surprise when we discovered we are expecting our THIRD son! OMG. I instantly groaned and thought "Oh no, more holes in the walls and smelly puppy-dog boys rooms and puddles beside the toilet." My husband leaned over and went "There goes any hope of us ever having a tidy house." I laughed because we seem to have only one recipe. Mind you, I love my crazy boys dearly but I was ready for a different kinda surprise, you know, a GIRL one. A mate that wanted to craft and bargain hunt and do chick things with. Boys just want to go to the skatepark. My husband laughingly said, "Shall we try again?" I said, "Not with this wife!" Perhaps polygamy has some benefits. Still I am happy that this baby is all intact and apparently larger than normal. Interesting because I am eating the most healthy food I ever ate and drinking screeds of water.

No cravings here. Well except to create handmade gifts and things for the upcoming Crafty Market at our local art gallery Pataka, here in Porirua (16 August 2008). I made the cuddle monster below for my friend Chrissy's son, Israel. I hope he likes it and it doesn't scare him. It's made out of random vintage wool fabric and buttons, and machine stitched.

CUPCAKE anyone? How about these nifty little pincushions using store-bought felt that was on sale for $3pm, some embroidery floss, a few beads and some pins on top. These cost next to nothing to make and the best part, they are fashioned around bottle-tops like the ones on coke bottles. Thanks to Jan Segrest over at Craft Stylish for a great online tutorial, I am going to find it hard to part with these little beauties at the craft market. Here is the link if you wanna have a go ... http://www.craftstylish.com/item/945/how-to-make-pretty-pincushions

So this little fella sits on the window sill in the lounge while outside a storm whips up the country. Sitting alongside him is a piece of driftwood I picked up off the beach because it looks like a gulls head.

Here is a wee cane Moses bassinet I picked up last week at the Salvation Army Family Store for $15. A bit battered and currently stuffed full of sewing paraphenalia, it is the first baby thing I have purchased. I am looking forward to op-shopping for baby clothes and dyeing them myself. Clothes are so expensive and the kids all end up looking like clones. Plus I love the idea of slow-fashion - quality goods that go the distance. My sewing skills are rough-as, but I'll give it a go. I put funky patches over my son's jeans last week (was up til midnight sewing on Island designs and handmade pirate patches) - they are a labour of love but he's proud of his styling clothes that his mama remakes.
Well, now that I have more time, I look forward to blogging a little more. The sudden surprise / shock of finding myself expecting again has eased into a rather blissful state - as I hope you can tell by this latest post. I look forward to your feedback and comments. Much thanks for those who both comment and those who email me. Your responses have been a great source of encouragement. Looking forward to touching base again soon.


Richard said...

hey gorgeous, cool blog!! Just wanted to be the first to post a comment haha.

Arija said...

You're a rel blog pro., great fun catching up on all your doings. love your boots and am wildly inpressed by yr. cup cakes, as tiny and dreamy as knittin baby's booties with a sense of well-being.

carole brungar said...

hey rach cool to see you back and that all is well! Hold on tight down there, we're going thru the same gales, rain and more rain. When I'm done, I'll send it your way! I'm right over all this winteritis I WANT SUMMER!!
love catching up with you, :) carole

Jackie said...

I'm tempted to ask 'Don't you know what causes it?' But that would be cheeky..:-)

ArtPropelled said...

Love your new black wedges and the cupcakes! Yes, you do sound very laid back which is great. This new little skateboarder will be very laid back too.

Anonymous said...

Hi found your blog today I love it ,I hope you don't mind I'm going to add you to my favorite's you sound like my kind of girl .
Love the boots and shoes gorgeous.
And your stuffed aminal so cute . from sesga x

india flint said...

hey Rachelle, I've left you a prezzie but you'll have to visit my blog to see what it is...and it was lovely catching up with you last week
Ka kite ano