Thursday, November 13, 2008

Buy Handmade and support artists directly.

I love this fabric house and paper/hand-stitched bird by Cotton Bird Designs in the UK!website:
I am currently in the process of creating my own designs for Christmas decorations and a line of toys. It's the season and the fact that I am having a baby, seems to be bringing the 'mooshie' parts of me out of the closet.
Still I have a collaborative project with a friend for next year that will allow me to indulge my 'grunge' side - you know, natural fibres, dyes, lots of brown, black, muddy and dark colours.
I had a wonderful day with friend Cleo yesterday crafting and completing some things for the market next week. We are looking forward to making beautiful things for our homes, our families and ourselves next year. Spending time with our families and friends, playing shops at the various markets around the city, op shopping, creating and designing our own works etc. Fun, fun, fun!
For the best International Craft Shopping site visit: and here in Aotearoa check out Support craft and artists directly, buy handmade for Xmas.


Philippa said...

Kia ora Rachelle - thanks for dropping by and leaving the post on my blog. I'm very impressed you get so much posting done, especially when you are so close to the arrival of the new family member! And all the things you are creating - well done. Where is the market you are doing next week? Let me know - I'll stop by if I get there.

india flint said...

hey honey, just in case you need something else to do on a sleepless night...i'm passing on a tag (details on my blog)
xx india

Jackie said...

I am impressed at your ambitious plans especially as you have a big production due.

Jackie said...

I am impressed at your ambitious plans especially as you have a big production due.

Roo said...

Hi, I came across your blog a few days ago and thought I'd say hi.
That is one cute wee house and birdie. Look forward to seeing what crafty stuff you make for Christmas

Unknown said...

Hi Thanks for leaving a post on my blog. Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you but I've only just finished my assignments for the year so I'll catch up on my blog stuff now. Cool things you make. My sister also makes little animals like you do. I see we like a lot of the same artists :)