Saturday, November 29, 2008

Crafting ROCKS!

My coffee table next to the couch. There's a big bag of polyester stuffing and a bin beneath. This is what I do when I can do nothing else, and although I am frustrated with my limited up-and-aboutness at the moment AND uncomfortable all the time AND never feeling like I get enough sleep AND getting all excited with each Braxton Hicks contraction ... this corner is actually my wee bit of heaven. Bliss!
My trusty supply of old wool blankets and felted cardigans, laundered in eco-friendly wool wash and ready to go for my projects.
This is a clue for my swap Xmas ornaments (I don't want to give too much away. Must leave some things a surprise). My own Pacifica based design including Tongan ngatu bark cloth and raw materials. I will be posting these out this week - I promise.
Unironed but freshly laundered embroidered cloths and doilies found on our op-shop (thrifting) trips.
Ironed. I didn't realise it would take so long. Husband watching in amusement as I iron fiddly lacey cloths for ages but his shirts and kids clothes sit unfolded in laundry basket, completely ignored. He does our laundry around here. I am spoilt I tell ya.
My favourite find while out thrifting recently was this doll's leg. I know, weird, but I got so excited finding it at the bottom of the free stuff trolley at Trash Palace. It sits perfectly next to the kids creations. Again, the kids roll their eyes.
Because I love it so much, I thought I would show you it again. Lovely leg.
Some crafty goodness I made this weekend sitting on my couch and watching movies, organic gardening programs and the Food Channel. They are made from my recycled blankets and doilies stash of course! 100% handmade, embroidered, and finished with mother of pearl buttons or vintage glass ones. One of the pleasures of not having a lot of money is being able to make lovely things for myself. It forces me to get creative (not that much forcing is actually required), think outside the square and use what I have.
LemonThis heart is a gift and was created from felted jerseys by Cleo. It's just lovely, I love her craftiness. She's so organic and loose. I tend to get a bit tight and start lining things up neatly, but Cleo helps me stay loose and free in my stylings. Not easy to do but I love the 'hand' in her work. She had it wrapped up really cool with twine, brown paper, vintage wallpaper and handstamped with a tree button.

One side ... The other side.
Which inspired me to make these from what else ... my stash and some vintage buttons.
Rich reorganising our already cramped bedroom to squeeze Knuckles change table in. Another score, this time from TradeMe: $70 and it's barely been used. They retail upwards of $200-odd. This is one motivated man. Last week he made up the bassinet with sheets and wool blankets. He packed the baby's suitcase for the hospital. He bought the carseat. He reckons he is the most excited family member re: Knuckles arrival. I reckon he is too. Might have to fight him for a cuddle of OUR baby although he can have the night shift.
Xmas is coming. Summer is definitely in the air. I am having a baby very soon (two weeks to go). My mother arrives next weekend from Australia. The Whitireia Visual Arts student exhibition is showing at Pataka currently. I am crafting with friends Cleo and Cheryl, and we are established as a crafting presence here in the Bay. My boys are swimming at the beach again. The house is reasonably tidy. We shared a community hangi for dinner last night right here in Titahi Bay last night - a traditional Maori earth-oven cooked meal - it was yum. I got some sleep! My studio is organised again. I am enjoying making lots of handcrafted goodies. My husband is Mr Wonderful, looking after his little family and cossetting me. And I can see the sea from my home. It's Thanksgiving in the States but I am feeling very thankful right here in lil' ole NZ. Now all we need is Knuckles!
Some websites I viewed today: makes gorgeous animals and things from vintage fabrics. This is her old website, and it turns into I especially love those fabric mushrooms.
And ... is another website I found that has lots of crafting goodness. She makes these great collaged suitcases - I want to do that. She is also really witty, calling herself a 'crafting blogger dork'. It's true, I am one too.
Visiting other crafty blogs helps keep me inspired and it is my biggest research tool. There are so many amazing crafters and artists out there making amazing things and living great lives. Rich and I are inspired by the many folk who are creating a wholesome lifestyle right where they are without the need for a lot of paraphenalia. Appreciating the simple things in life. Time with family, handmade goodness, organic food and lifestyles, free entertainment like the beach, forests and parks, etc.
I encourage you to get out there and enjoy your environment. Pick up leaves and seed pods and display them in a bowl on the table. Make play dough. Bake a cake. Plant some flowers. Buy your presents from secondhand shops, Trade Aid or make them. Or donate to a charity in lieu of gifts and let your friends know you bought some plants for a third world family on their behalf. Most of all keep it simple and authentic. It's the love we put into what we do that makes the difference.

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Arija said...

What a lot of work you have accomplished! I'v been known to iron lace tablecloths and serviettes for hours to while the ironing basket piled up.

I wonder, are you having baby on India's birthday? It is on the 9th.
which must be pretty close to your time. I'm so glad your mother is coming over. God bless.