Thursday, March 19, 2009

Update ...

Thanks to her landlords who allow the rent to be delayed while husband supports her for two weeks;
Thanks to crafty knit nut and new friend Betty-Ann who bought Knuckles a handknitted beanie, his brothers and father some apple muffins, and for her, some lovely greenery and sea glass she had collected, plus a promise to upskill my knitting abilities;
Thanks to Pip and Lizzy for dinners roast chicken, vegies, meatloaf and salad greens;
Thanks for the emails of support and encouragement from India, Imbi, Cheryl, brother Ian, twisted sister, gina marie, robyn, martine and yvette.

She is thankful and feeling loved.
She is also spacey and racy because she has finally got some drugs that work - Wahooo (no more pain just random conversations at 90 miles per second although husband says that's normal followed by sleep that would challenge the dead).
She was told she will heal in time and that it isn't permanent
She is overjoyed to hear she can have more children in time if she wishes
She can't wait to be able to hold her son again properly
She loves life
She is grateful
She has also discovered Facebook, so she is not in bed healing but glued to her 'puter talking to herself at 4.30am.
She is feeling tired.
She is wishing you goodnight.

PS ...
Knock Knock.
Who's there?
I'm up ...
I'm up who?
Hahaha, you're a poo!
(say it to self slowly and it should dawn on you, joke courtesy of Marcus at 6 yrs).


twisted sister said...

Thought I was a mushroom...
kept in the dark etc.

Jackie said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. It must have been very frustrating for you. Backs can be strange but they usually get better with time.

Jeana Marie said...

that is so good to hear, i am so glad that it isn't permanent. childbirth does such lovely things to our bodies, hey? thank God that we will be given nice fresh new ones one day!

ArtPropelled said...

So glad you are sounding so joyful....or is it the drugs talking :-) I've avoided Facebook because I know I would get myself into trouble. Daughter is addicted! Hope you mend quickly. A hug for Marcus who made me laugh.