Sunday, August 23, 2009

These are a few of my favourite things ...

... like the Sound of Music, one of my favourite all time movies here are a few of my many loved objects, either thrifted, gifted or repurposed and handcrafted by me.

My growing little collection of Crown Lynn pottery. My grandmother worked at this factory and we grew up eating off their china. I love this moody stuff. The colours and patterns. I found the plate in a free stuff bin outside an op shop and the cup was $1.

A little gift from friend Cleo, a fantail hand embroidered on a vintage doiley with Maori greeting 'Kia Ora' found at a large barn warehouse of secondhand goods. An ideal gift for me.

My collection of oven cloths / pot mits grows. The light blue and red circle on was found at Trash Palace and was free, the white one, quilted one and green one in top corner were all a dollar each at op shops. The three bright ones were gifts from friend Betty Ann.
Details of Betty Ann's cleverness. I love the crafting community here made up of generous and kindhearted women. I feel very blessed indeed.
I found a bag of handmade dolls clothes at Trash Palace for $5 which I purchased just for these. Odd I know, but I love green, I love handmade, I love wool and I love knitted clothes. The rest went to the home of a wee girl. Cute vintage buttons on this one. They hang in my bedroom by my wardrobe. lol.
A handcrafted pottery horse. Something about blue and green pottery and glass really appeals to me. Add to that flaws and it fits in my hand, this horse is a favourite object. I love small beautiful objects. Cost $1, a gift from my mum, found at Trash Palace. Priceless.

And finally a craft market to prepare for in a couple of months. I was gifted a ripped vintage crochet bedspread. I love gifts like this. Seems a waste to use things others can use but this was a bit beyond repair. So I carefully removed the circle motifs and after a quick crochet lesson from Cleo, whipped up these little beauties. I have seen others around the net too and always admired them. I have a love for stones and the stones on our beach are perfect for crafting with. I made some a while back with both felted and crochet wool for an early exhibition this year. I gift mine mostly when an exhibition is finished.


carole brungar said...

Hi! Love your crocheted stones! totally cool! My your family is growing!
carole ;)

carole brungar said...

Oops, forgot to say, I love your new look blog too!

Jeana Marie said...

have i mentioned i found a crochet hook (or two) finally?

love the pottery horse and overalls especially!