Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pot holders are essential, like breathing ...

This I hope will be mine by the end of the weekend, fingers and toes crossed!

So many wonderful things to be made on Ravelry. If you like knitting, crochet or anything yarn related you need to join this wonderful website.

I like these little knits because they are quick. How adorable are these knitted bibs with the embroidery on them and the burp cloths are bumpy and will extend my knitting ability a little me thinks. I only have ten thousand other projects on the go currently as well.

Ravelry: Baby Genius Burp Cloth by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
Ravelry: Baby Bib O' Love by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne

Knuckles will look gorgeous sporting these along with his new moss green knitted pants from Aunty Betty Ann and his funky ethnic cut down wool dungarees from Aunty Cleo. He's also sporting a new hat from Cleo made from dyed wools.

I need to learn to crochet so I can make some wondrous pot holders to hang in my kitchen, purely to be looked at of course and admired. I want circle-y ones, square ones. All handknitted or crocheted of course. I found one today at Trash Palace and they gave it to me for free along with a rusty tin with a lady on it. I love tins. I love handmade. I love Trash Palace. I love pot holders and I love FREE!

Not bad for day one of my pot holder hunting. And a little bird has posted a picture on Facebook of a green pot holder apparently made for me today! So that's two today. OMG. How happy am I?

I am feeling so bleh these days, not sleeping well will do that, that and hormones. It's the same thing I think. I am not synchronised. During the day I am on autopilot with my duties to my family, then at night, I emerge. Rachelle the maker, creator, thinker and moodler, imaginative and creative. I try to merge the two but bad habits I guess of years of insomniac behaviour catch up on me when coupled with a new baby.

I am so thankful for these rays of sunshine that are my dear friends, my ability to live on a small income and the wonder of being a creative person. These are the small sanity-saving devices I have. Those and my new pot holders of course. ;)

Everyone should have a few pot holders for no other reason than just because. What a wonderful collection I shall have on my wall (see last post for visuals)!


ArtPropelled said...

I wish we had a Trash Palace. Similar places here are now so expensive.I love the potholders on the wall in your previous post.

ashley said...

hope the blehs go away soon, i know what you mean though!
the potholders are lovely,
x ashley