Sunday, August 30, 2009

Testosterone ...

I am currently living with five males: two adults, one adolescent, one cheeky seven year old and one baby. My brother-in-law has come to stay too.

The toilet smells like wee; there's always dishes; they eat all the time; the laundry is always overflowing; and they rumble and wrestle on MADE beds, couches, the floor; and I am becoming very good at making them pick up after themselves because it exhausts me just looking at it all. I don't like being bossy but I have to be, grrrr.

Of course the upside is lots of arms to cuddle a crying baby or pat his back when he's struggling to breathe; the kids have someone to throw a rugby ball too or go fishing; someone is always in the kitchen so I get a few cups of tea and lots of food; there's a real sense of life in this house, that people live here. It's not a dead museum. I hope to see more of our brothers son too, my nephew. My dad came visiting last weekend. I kid you not. I invited him to move in with us as well. lol. And he has a son as well. I think I am a man-magnet ... yeah right.

Its rather overwhelming living with so much maleness around me. I definitely need a bigger house if Dad comes to stay. I would have our whole family living with us if they wanted to. To look after and care for any whanau anytime for any reason is normal. We love having family around us.

I have four brothers, my husband is one of four brothers, his father had eight brothers. There were three boys born in my family in the last three years. It's a man-saturated world I live in.

Meanwhile a craft fair to get ready for in two months.


Pat said...

oh my. that photo is wonderful. handsome boys. big and small. and you are brave to brave the testosterone. not sure i'd be successful as you are.....

Dana said...

Haha cuz, I thought I had it bad, I only live with 3 boys, but as you know, I am an only girl with 3 brothers. My partner comes from a family of 2 boys, and his father also came from a family of 2 boys!!! Boys, boys, boys! LOL

Philippa said...

Kia ora - if you are feeling you need a respite from the testosterone, have a look at this auction on Trade Me Listing #: 239439905. I remebered you said that you had admired the tea cosy I won and here's another just the same that I thought might appeal.

I drop in from time to time and enjoy your gentle reflections on like out at the Bay. It is a favourite beach of mine for losing time on - next time I'll keep an eye out for you and the boys. I'll have a few of my own with me no doubt! Take care

Richard said...

woo woo woo (man grunts) Our fave things - Top Gear, wrestling, Transformers (and any other movie that involves aliens, cool cars, artillery fire of any kind, , fishing, fish n chips (and aything else high in carbs/grease/meat), lighting fires and sucking things (last one from Knuckles). Rich and boys.

Philippa said...

Thanks for all your posts. They did make me smile and laugh - which is always a good thing. Perhaps you are right - maybe we have already met!

And I also laughed at the testosterone fueled comment from within your house - it is almost word for word what the males in my house would say, althought they would probably also add wrestling and racing bikes downhill!

Don't forget to post details of the craft fair you are busy preparing for - I may just have to see if I can pop in for a visit! Take care and enjoy the sunshine.

mieke willems said...

how sweet this photo!!
and thanks for you supernice comments, makes up happy to hear you like it!!

Jodie Williams said...

... love the black and white pic, gives me warm fuzzies! ...and the one of your big and little man is so gorgeous! testosterone fuels our house too... 3 sons, even the dog is male... i like being the only female, dont have to share my men (not yet anyways)i get to love em all to bits! ...but i do have my very own toilet, and they arent aloud in there!

Manya Maratou said...

i pop in here sometimes because you make me smile- thanks!
I live with two boys (only??/) but your description is perfect! the level of energy in here is huge- and there is never enough food
loud fun loud quarrels loud wrestling loud everything= as I'm an introspective slow kind of person the boys are a gift- they keep me on my toes :-)))
dogs are girls in this home, for support ;-)