Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One man's trash is anothers treasure ...

Here are a few things I've come by and sold lately. Its been fun knowing that what I value is also desired by others. Trusting my instincts and making sure it doesn't cost us except my time and effort has been an interesting challenge.
industrial vintage metal trolley
Two Bentwood Chairs and my roses, not really. They're kale aka decorative cabbages.

I still have these two. I love that carved seat and back rest. The back is damaged so this one either needs to be restored or used as a stand rather than a seat.

I see a tree.

Those koru's are beautiful.

This one can be sat in. Its my favourite. Lots of wonderful distressed wood.

Bent Wood.

I see a star.

Vintage faux tortoiseshell knitting needles

so pretty

our old dining chairs
our old retro dining chairs, my doiley embellised cushion.

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Montreat Designs said...

The knitting needles should be in a magazine spread! I have not seen anything like them! Great eye!

india flint said...

that trolley

ArtPropelled said...

India and I would have to tug over the trolley and the bentwood chairs are just my scene. You certainly do have a good eye!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Those knitting needles are a great find, indeed! And the chairs! You do have a great eye for the beautiful.

I want your kale! gimme! hehehe