Monday, February 6, 2012

God daughter

 I had a lovely walk along the beach today with my niece. 
We played with my camera. 

 Older people, when younger folk wanna hang out with you, it says a lot about you. That you're relateable and approachable.

Don't let age rob us of our ability to celebrate youth and their unique look on life. 

 I love this next generation of young people. They bring a lot of joy and life into our lives. 

A huge heart. the voice of an angel, and creativity galore.

 This god daughter of our's is something special. 


juliaD said...

Lovely post, love what you said, I hope I can remember that as my new grandson grows up...your neice is so beautiful!...xx...julia

Vic Bibby said...

Hi Rachelle. I found your blog when someone (Pigeon Design - stylist) posted a photo of one of your crochet stool warmers to my Facebook page. I have just re-visited your blog, and love your work. I know you're opening your own online shop soon, but are you interested in having it sold elsewhere? I have an online shop - - and I would be interested in your wholesale info, if you have any. Cheers, Vic x

PS: my email address is