Monday, June 17, 2013


I lost my handmade silk dress this weekend. Easily a hundred hours or more patching and stitching her surface. I carry my work with me everywhere and while doing a photoshoot put my bag down on a table at a local community event. Someone picked it up. My silk bag holding my silk dress, the last of my silk thread and my needle case holding my favorite hand sewing needles. I don't hate but I really miss my work. And now there is a wee hole in me. Because I loved that piece of cloth and had almost resolved the work I was doing. I cannot remake those autumnal leaf markings nor the memories it holds. Time however to let her go with the only image I captured. x


Christine said...

I am sad for you. Perhaps someone will realize their mistake and seek you out or ask questions about the owner of the silk bag and its contents.
This is a difficult moment. It is too easy to say that nothing is precious, because some things are.
Sending you a big hug.

india flint said...

bother. if it would help at all i could send you something from the wonderful collection you left for me in Wellington - it would give you something with the colours from Aotearoa to rebuild, as it were

...but it will take four weeks to reach you as i am [once again] at the airport, on the way out.

in the meantime i hope your precious makes her way home

roz said...

oh this would be very difficult.
i understand what a loss this would be.
and good things happen too.
it may return.
hope is a good thing.

Marianne Hall said...

Oh my. Oh my. Just when we think we've learned a lesson in detachment. I had a thought the other day as I was packing up 2 panels of a 6 panel dress than I'm slow stitching......what if i lost a panel? The whole dress would be gone. Now you have lost your beautiful diary......the photo of it is beyond powerful. I always wonder 'why' when stuff like this happens. What is the lesson? Sending Love with Great Empathy.

ArtPropelled said...

Oh no Rachelle! I hope it finds it's way back to you somehow.