Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rag Rug Goodness

It's extremely hot here in summer. Some days we hit the high 30s. It's also quite chilly in winter in comparison. We are still trying to align ourselves with our new climate having spent almost a whole year here.

Many of the new homes in Queensland have tiled floors throughout which are cool in summer but cold in winter. I wanted some beautiful rugs underfoot. The cost of lovely handmade ones was beyond us, secondhand ones were in bad condition and I can't stand the cheap acrylic ones. I'm a natural fibres girl wherever possible.

Luckily for me I was invited to a craft group who were making rag rugs. Thank you Varni for sharing your skills and passion.There are lots of online tutorials. Youtube was especially helpful. Learning to make yarn from t-shirts and bedsheets was awesome.

Mine are crochet and made from thrifted or gifted recycled bed sheets. I love them and loved teaching other families how to make their own beautiful bespoke rugs for next to nothing. My favourite was by my nephew Nathaniel who is only ten years old. Give it a go! Fill your home with beautiful things you make or find.

Here's a couple of useful link to get you started ... and but there's lots of links so look around. You can braid, knit or even hook a rug. Keen to try that. Have fun. x

Nathaniel and Tamira proudly displaying Nathaniel's work. 


roz said...

very very cool .. and hopefully these will keep those feet very warm.
love these rag rugs.
yes our houses here are all about the warmer weather, and sometimes winter doesn't really happen at all.
wool sox are key.
thanks for the links.

cleo said...

hey rachelle, fun lovely rugs! look after your hands girl. keep spreading the love xx

Arija said...

Lovely to see the little on so grown up now.