Sunday, August 22, 2010

positive and negative ...

Naomi Chase, Hiapo, 2010

Round Up Time 2010

The Stand Off 2010

Black and white have been my colour palette this year mostly. After viewing the John Pule exhibition at Wellington City Art Gallery yesterday, I stumbled across a few black and white pics of my own including one of my sister-in-law (my husband's sister) Naomi Chase painting me my very own hiapo painting. Naomi is an accomplished artist in her own right and we are honoured to have a one of her incredibly detailed hiapo.

May I encourage you to head down to the gallery before September 12 and view his works. He is one of my favourite influences, his work resonates with tribal markings, he shares the same Niuean heritage as my husband and I felt so blessed to view his works. It was hard not to sneak photos in the gallery, I will however save for his book.

I have written about John Pule before here, here and here. Also a link to the current exhibition John Pule Hauaga (Arrivals) is here. And I have waxed lyrically often about the origins and beauty of hiapo because they have always informed my work.

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TezZa said...

I was so taken by John's work. It reached right into me. And how fabulous to meet you and your son. Catch up for a cuppa soon